2 Lessons on Wowing your customers – From Kingfisher & Mozy

I am leaving to Maldive in a few hours and I will be away for a week. I am going there to do an Excel Workshop. But I thought, I will quickly share 2 wow experiences I faced in the last week so that we all could learn something.

Kingfisher Puts Sofas in their Airline Shuttle Bus:

Yesterday, we took a Kingfisher flight from Vizag to Chennai. After getting down at Chennai, we boarded a shuttle bus so that we could reach terminal. Everything was usual, except, they have sofas in the bus instead of boring gray-blue chairs. Big, red Sofas that made us feel relaxed, instantly!

I am sure it would not have cost Kingfisher airlines much to put those sofas in place of regular chairs. But think of all the word-of-mouth and wow-experience they created. Just impressive.

[photo of kingfisher bus from dingle-speaks]

Mozy lets go of $2

As some of you know, I use Mozy to keep online backups of my work. Recently, we bought a new desktop computer at home. So I went to Mozy’s site to add this new computer and download the backup software. Mozy is pretty cheap, they charge $5 per month per computer backed-up. So this new computer would be an extra $5 per month. But since I am adding it in the middle of month, they would charge me an $2 or so for the remainder of the current month.

At least, that is what I thought.

But nope, people at Mozy are pretty awesome. So they show me a message that goes like,

Your upgrade costs you $2 for rest of this month. Next month onwards we will bill you $10 per month. But since $2 is such a small amount, we decided to let go. Enjoy unlimited backups with Mozy.

How impressive!

How do you pleasantly surprise your customers, employees, partners?

Surprise is a such a good emotion for marketers. When used in moderation, it can result in lots of word-of-mouth and awesome experiences for everyone around us. What surprises you are going to unleash?

4 thoughts on “2 Lessons on Wowing your customers – From Kingfisher & Mozy”

  1. They actually say ‘$2 is such a small amount, we decided to let go..”?? Hilarious, considering the condition the company is in!

  2. Dear Chandoo,

    The mozy story is quite interesting. You have provided a great thought. I’ll definitely try the idea.

    In India the same message would be like this :

    “Your upgrade costs you Rs. 2 for rest of this month. Next month onwards we will bill you Rs 10 per month. But since Rs. 2 is such a small amount, we have decided to charge you Rs. 10 from this month itself.”

  3. dear chandoo,

    both r very intersting innovatio rather i will say thinking out of box to lure more revenue in thelonger run.

    pls share more stuff like this atleast we can in a small way change the thinking pattern of corporate world….

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