Working on too many things [Mistakes I Make]

With this post, I am starting a new category on Startup desi, titled Mistakes I make. When I know where I am messing up, the chances of repeating those mistakes will go down.

The mistake I am making now: working on too many things.

Most startup owners work hard. I am no exception to that. But working hard on too many things is not good. Right now, I am working on the following,

  • 3 New excel training programs
  • 1 Video book
  • 1 Product upgrade
  • 1 e-book upgrade
  • 1 New product
  • 2 News letters

That is apart from what I already have:

  • 1 Training program
  • 2 Products
  • 1 E-book
  • 2 blogs
  • 1 News letter
  • Consulting business

The problem is not with working on too many things. But the problem is working on too many things, that go live at the same time. Since the launch is near, I am kind of psyched and worried whether I can do justice to everything.

What I am doing to fix this mistake:

I am doing a couple of things to fix this mistake.

  • Prioritize: Sounds lame, but what I did was, I wrote down all these things on a paper and then asked my self, how important each of them is for my business. Then, I crossed out anything that is not important or not a huge revenue stream for my business. Next I wrote dates next to each of the activities and arranged them in a timeline for next 3 months so that I can give enough time to each of them.
  • Hire someone: Apart from the new business ideas, I have a ton of things to take care of on day to day basis. For eg. I have a pressing issue of modifying my site’s code to enable nested comments. But I do not have time or skills to do it my self. So I have asked my classmate, Kida to help me. [my thoughts on hiring]
  • Freeze: I have a temporary freeze on any new ideas. I know this is probably harmful. But I am not entertaining any new implementations unless they are mandated by my customers.

But I am still neck deep in trouble and just waiting for the busy period to be over. I know I have made a mistake of saying yes to one too many things. But I have learned my lesson.

What mistakes do you make?

We say, “to err is to human”, but only very few understand that making mistakes is one of the great gifts of being human. You can always stand up, dust the sleeves and run again.

What mistakes did you make? and How did you realize? Share using comments.

5 thoughts on “Working on too many things [Mistakes I Make]”

  1. The world makes way for a person who knows where he is going. Chandoo you seem to be one such person. Simple living and big thinking seems to be your motto. Truly inspiring!! Keep up the great work and you will keep treding paths never seen before by you. Have a good one!!!

  2. Hi Chandoo

    Thanks..very well said point. I will add a quote – the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing…..yes, too many activities drains one out mentally, more than anything else. And yes, I personally follow (of-course on the insistence of my spouse and kid) a concept of “forced rest” on one day..i.e. matter if the world falls apart, but I will not work on Sunday…initially it was difficult, but it became easier by each passing week:)

    thanks for your invaluable thoughts shared by you on your blog..all the best!

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