How I use Skype to Generate More Sales & Be Awesome

One of the indispensable tools for any start-up is Skype. I am sure it needs no introduction. It is an instant messenger like software that you can use to make and receive phone calls, conduct online meetings, video chats, screen sharing and so much more, all over the internet.

Today I want to share a simple skype trick with you that helps me boost my sales.

Get a customer care number in US or UK using skype

I have recently registered a US phone number (+1 206 792 9480) using skype. The beauty of this is that, whenever one of my prospects or customers calls this number, my Indian phone number rings (calls routed thru skype to my vodafone number in India) and I can assist them or close the sale.

If I am online on Skype, I can answer the call using VOIP too. All for a measly $60 for year or $20 for 3 months.

Why you should have a customer care number?

I hate to distance myself from my customers. That is why I dont have a generic mail id like Instead, I give my email id and phone number to everyone visiting my site, whether they purchase anything or not. Displaying a phone number and valid email id creates confidence and trust in your business.

How to setup skype so that you can receive calls to your local phone:

Here is a short tutorial on how you can set up skype so that you can receive calls.

  1. First, get a skype-in number. You can get it various countries. I suggest going for a country where majority of your customers live.
  2. Now, from skype, set up call forwarding. To do this,
    1. Click on “view account” button from skype.
    2. Click on “call forwarding”
    3. Add your local number.
  3. That is all.

Please note that whenever you receive calls on your phone from skype, your skype account will be charged at standard rates applicable for your country. But the good thing is, you will get a lot less calls than you expect.

How do you handle customer care?

I beleive that customer care is the best way to sell. I emphasise alot on keeping it simple and accessible all the time. I would love to know how you handle it. Share your tips, experiences and ideas using comments.

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