Ideas for Startup Marketing – Take something boring and make it exciting

If someone asks me which field should I choose for my new business, I would tell them to go with a boring field. Why boring, why not something exciting like Twitter mashups, iPhone apps, a brand new social network etc.

Well, there are multiple reasons for this.

  • Boring fields are time tested for profitability and they have existing customer base.
  • You can easily excite the customers in the boring field.
  • Hiring and retaining employees is easy.
  • Raising capital or getting help is a breeze because everyone knew the line of business and how it works.

But we tend to shy away from boring fields like accounting, law, manufacturing, education, various types of services etc. because, well they are boring.

So today, I want to share a simple example of how you can take something boring and make it exciting for your end users.

Take a look at the example

Medicine cups made exciting

Recently, both my kids had throat infection, cough, cold & fever. So the doctor prescribed a bunch of tonics (syrups) and asked us to medicate them twice a day. All the tonic bottles had similar looking medicine cup. A bland, boring, transparent plastic cup with markings on it to know when you poured 5ml.

Except one of them. It had a fish cartoon on the back. Guess what, my kids love to take medicine from the fish cup. They call it fish mandu – meaning Fish medicine. They line up and open their mouth excitedly when we hold the fish cup in hand. The others, not so much. And it is not because the medicines taste bad or anything. They all are sweet.

Are your customers excited about your product and service?

The lesson is simple. Deliver more than you promised. Understand what excites your customers and give it to them.

So, how are you planning to excite your customers? Share your ideas and interesting examples in comments.

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