Lost Posts and a Start-up Book Link

Due to some problem with my hosting account, I have lost all the posts I wrote between August 13 and September 12, 2010. While I try to recover the posts, here is a recent book on start-ups that I have been reading.

Thanks to our reader Vinu, I recovered all the posts. He forwarded me newsletter archives so that I could re-publish them.

It is called start small and stay small. It is a book for developers and software folks trying to build their first company while still working on a full time job.

The book talks about how you can boot-strap your own micro-venture and grow it to a sustainable level. It deals with topics why you should identify and market to a niche, email marketing, sales page design, outsourcing and more. I really liked the way this book is structured and presented. It is clear, simple and tactical. Go read it today if you are in this for real.