StartupDesi is one year old – Thank you so much!

Wow, has survived the first year. We are no longer infants. Last one year has been a great experience sharing my ideas on running a startup with you all.

Here are some quick stats (25-Apr-2010 to 26-Apr-2011)

34 articles in one year

My initial goal was to write once a week on But I could not squeeze time on certain busy weeks due to a product launch or something else. However, I am very happy with the result – 34 articles with actual content.

Here is a list of all posts till date, go ahead and read something if you are new.

My Story

Working on too many things [Mistakes I Make]
$100,000 Revenues in last 12 months – wow!
When a Refund Customer loves you, you know you have done well

How to Start?

Is it Scary to Start up? [and how I beat it?]
The easiest way to start your own company – start a blog!
Its not Rocket Surgery, Make your First $ already!!!

Running a Startup

What is your Startup’s Goal ?
What are my Start-up’s Values? [and why you should define them too?]
Why I run my company from our Bedroom?
Monitoring a Startup Business – What Metrics to use?
How I keep my startup expenses low [Part 1 of 4]
Why you should do consulting work (despite making huge money from product sales)
What are your Startup Goals in 2011?
How I am saving 180 minutes per day + Free Download
2 Metrics to measure start-up performance – Million Days, Goal Days
Follow your Passion, but Manage Poop too…

Startup Marketing

Do not treat customers like kings, instead make them heros
Startup Marketing & Sales – 7 ways to reduce expenses and increase sales [Part 2 of 4]
How I stopped worrying about page views & started finding customers
What I learned about Google Adwords by spending $103.9
You have NO Market Differentiators – Deal with it.

Selling Your Products Online

How to Launch Products Online?
How I use Skype to Generate More Sales & Be Awesome
#1 Secret to Selling Better – Remind
Should you charge more for your product? [my experience]

Websites & Technology

How much does it cost to run a website based business?
How to Keep your Startup Website Expenses Low?

Customer Service for Startups

7 Things Startups can do that Big Businesses Struggle to get right
How to use Gmail for Fabulous Customer Service – 8 tips

Hiring & Outsourcing

My Experience of Outsourcing Work thru ODesk

Books & Resources for Startups

Lost Posts and a Start-up Book Link

Awesome Examples & Ideas for Start-ups

How to win back lost customers – example from Cleartrip
How are you WOWing your customers? – Story of Amazon Date Picker
2 Lessons on Wowing your customers – From Kingfisher & Mozy

Thank you Once again,

Many of you have sent me lovely emails, wrote encouraging comments and supported this site by spreading a word about it. I am so thankful to you. I will continue to share my ideas and techniques on running a startup with you regularly.

Hello world!

=”Hello”&” World!”

Don’t freak out. I am an excel enthusiast and I run my own company that sells excel related products and consulting. I will be writing about my journey as an entrepreneur in this blog.

If you are in India and would like to start your own web based business, then you may want to follow this blog.