What are my Start-up’s Values? [and why you should define them too?]

During Strategic Management classes in my MBA, we have learned about Vision, Mission and Values. I used to think they are a bunch of loaded cr*p. So much so that I have my own working definition of what these are,

Our vision is to maintain our values thru our mission

But after starting my own company, I am converted. I understand the importance of having my own values. Not because they help me flaunt what I stand for, but because these values help me make better decisions and choose an alternative when stuck in a dilemma.

So, without further ado, let me list down the values that I stand for,

  1. Fun: because boring is for big companies
  2. Passion: genuine interest with hard work can bring success and fulfillment
  3. Awesomeness: Dont do lame work, do awesome products, awesome consulting, kick-ass work – always.
  4. Sharing: Share my knowledge, ideas, stupidity, wealth as much as possible. That is the only way to multiply them.
  5. Simplicity: Keep things simple. Be it my sales pages or websites or ideas or implementations or life style. Simplicity over complexity, lavishness or boring.
  6. Humility: Success can be quite heady. Never take it too seriously.

This is not my complete list, yet. I will be adding more values as I go. But, I found these simple values to work great wonders and help me make better decisions for me and my community.

For eg.

  • Should I write a long or short sales copy? – short because it is simple
  • Should I give free downloadable excel workbooks with my articles or not? – give free workbooks because it is awesome and I like sharing.
  • Should I give my products upgrades for free or fee? – free because that will make everyone awesome.

What about you? What values have you defined for your self / your start up?

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  1. Startupdesi is a great initiative, which I am sure, will help a lot of entrepreneurship aspirants. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge and for being so transparent. Cheers!

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