#1 Secret to Selling Better – Remind

Ever wondered what makes the best companies in the world sell more?

It turns out, Despite having a kick ass product, loyal customer base, stellar marketing efforts, all these companies use one simple trick that just works.

They remind customers to purchase.

That simple. See how, Rediff Shopping reminds me to get a gift.

Rediff Shopping sends me a reminder

How you can remind your customers?

Here are some practical ways to remind your prospects and customers about your products.

  1. Send a newsletter: Newsletter e-mails are best way to remind your members about website / business and invite them. Send useful information and add 1-2 sales messages once in a while. The results can be quite encouraging. [I recommend using Aweber for sending newsletter, they just rock.]
  2. Add links: Add links to your products and services at relevant places in your articles. For eg. if you sell call recording software, mention about it when you write about “10 tips to using skype better”.
  3. Do not abuse the permission: Many marketers think, just because a person has given them an e-mail ID, they can bombard the prospect with a ton of mails. This is wrong. You should be sensible and useful. Do not abuse the permission your customer has given you.

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