StartupDesi is one year old – Thank you so much!

Wow, has survived the first year. We are no longer infants. Last one year has been a great experience sharing my ideas on running a startup with you all.

Here are some quick stats (25-Apr-2010 to 26-Apr-2011)

34 articles in one year

My initial goal was to write once a week on But I could not squeeze time on certain busy weeks due to a product launch or something else. However, I am very happy with the result – 34 articles with actual content.

Here is a list of all posts till date, go ahead and read something if you are new.

My Story

Working on too many things [Mistakes I Make]
$100,000 Revenues in last 12 months – wow!
When a Refund Customer loves you, you know you have done well

How to Start?

Is it Scary to Start up? [and how I beat it?]
The easiest way to start your own company – start a blog!
Its not Rocket Surgery, Make your First $ already!!!

Running a Startup

What is your Startup’s Goal ?
What are my Start-up’s Values? [and why you should define them too?]
Why I run my company from our Bedroom?
Monitoring a Startup Business – What Metrics to use?
How I keep my startup expenses low [Part 1 of 4]
Why you should do consulting work (despite making huge money from product sales)
What are your Startup Goals in 2011?
How I am saving 180 minutes per day + Free Download
2 Metrics to measure start-up performance – Million Days, Goal Days
Follow your Passion, but Manage Poop too…

Startup Marketing

Do not treat customers like kings, instead make them heros
Startup Marketing & Sales – 7 ways to reduce expenses and increase sales [Part 2 of 4]
How I stopped worrying about page views & started finding customers
What I learned about Google Adwords by spending $103.9
You have NO Market Differentiators – Deal with it.

Selling Your Products Online

How to Launch Products Online?
How I use Skype to Generate More Sales & Be Awesome
#1 Secret to Selling Better – Remind
Should you charge more for your product? [my experience]

Websites & Technology

How much does it cost to run a website based business?
How to Keep your Startup Website Expenses Low?

Customer Service for Startups

7 Things Startups can do that Big Businesses Struggle to get right
How to use Gmail for Fabulous Customer Service – 8 tips

Hiring & Outsourcing

My Experience of Outsourcing Work thru ODesk

Books & Resources for Startups

Lost Posts and a Start-up Book Link

Awesome Examples & Ideas for Start-ups

How to win back lost customers – example from Cleartrip
How are you WOWing your customers? – Story of Amazon Date Picker
2 Lessons on Wowing your customers – From Kingfisher & Mozy

Thank you Once again,

Many of you have sent me lovely emails, wrote encouraging comments and supported this site by spreading a word about it. I am so thankful to you. I will continue to share my ideas and techniques on running a startup with you regularly.

3 thoughts on “StartupDesi is one year old – Thank you so much!”

  1. Just came across your personal site from your Excel site. As a web-preneur myself, was really interested in reading about your journey. Amazing stuff – especially reading your 100K may sales. Look forward to reading more of your journey.

  2. Hi Chandoo,

    I was curious why you have not displayed your blog prominently on I saw your blog after many visits to and purely by chance. Having seen it now, I like to frequent it. I almost missed it though and wonder if there are others like me.


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