My Startup story & lessons learned (2 video interviews for you)

I am sorry I haven’t posted here in a while. But here is a quick update.

During last few months, I have been interviewed by 2 excellent websites that inspire budding entrepreneurs like us. These are video interviews where I share my story, things I have learned and few ideas for new startups. Watch them below.

1. Running a successful business & living life on my own terms by RadicalTribe

In this interview, I share the story of, its journey from 2009 to now and how we grew, what our plans are and what I learned (and what mistakes I make).

Many thanks to Faheem for featuring me.

2. On startups, frugal living & online ventures – by Real

In this interview, I share the story of my upbringing (which taught me frugality, simple living), inspiration behind my work & where I struggle (keeping myself productive).

Many thanks to Dhanya & team for featuring me.

3 thoughts on “My Startup story & lessons learned (2 video interviews for you)”

  1. Hey Chandoo,

    I am already a fan of your excel blog and with this you have even gotten me closer to you, you really are so simple and grounded. Loved your story and the way you managed your way up. All the very best!

    Rahul Bafna

  2. Hey Chandoo, it was wonderful having you on the show. And great meeting you in Chennai last month. Looking forward to more awesomeness from you in the future.

    All the best

  3. Hi Chandoo,

    I am very impressed and inspired with your video and blog. I have the similar thoughts to start some blog and do my own small business to have financial freedom and spend time with family, but I never put it in implementation. Started a small blog in 2009 and left after writing few articles. By they way I am also from Andhra Pradesh, lived in US now in Canada. I lived in Vizag for some time this year. I will personally meet you and say hi when I am in Vizag next time if it is ok with you. Thanks again for such a wonderful and informative videos and posts.

    All the best and wishing you good luck for everything you do.

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