Its not Rocket Surgery, Make your First $ already!!!

Many people who dream of starting their own companies (including me) go thru the illusion,

My idea need to be unique, world changing and Google / Facebook / Apple big!!! Otherwise, it is worthless to start.

While, ambition is a good thing to have, I think we should mix it with ample doses of reality. I always remember an inspirational quotation I read somewhere,

Your head should be in the sky, but your feet should be on ground.

I made the same mistake of waiting for that one idea, one light bulb moment for good part of my college life and first job. Then, I realized that even to change the world with a big idea, I must start small.

And then, things moved rapidly and I could create my own business.

So, today I am inviting you to do the same. Go ahead and figure out a small business idea and generate your first dollar online (or offline). Come back and share your experience with us.

You feel awesome and uplifted when a stranger becomes your customer and pays you for your skill / product.

Here is an inspiration video by David Heinemeier of 37Signals fame encouraging start-up owners to make money.

Watch live video from HackerTV on

PS: the phrase “its not rocket surgery” is from David’s talk.

PPS: 37Signals blog is a good source of inspiration and knowledge if you want to start a business.

10 thoughts on “Its not Rocket Surgery, Make your First $ already!!!”

  1. I totally agree. I’m in the process of launching an e-learning site for young first-time entrepreneurs. I’m starting small with ebooks, video tutorials, and a ton of free resources. You need to focus on making money from day one, keep it small, focus on your niche, and grow it from there. Enjoy your blog and will let you know how my project is progressing.

    1. Welcome to Startup Desi Matt…

      While activities like community building, writing great content are important, they automatically do not make money. The first step is to ask for money thru valuable products and services…

      I would love to hear how you are progressing…

  2. Hi,
    Is MBA from IIMs really helps to start our own company ?
    I want to be an entrepreuner, should i consider doing a MBA from IIMs or its just a waste of 2years time and 10lac bucks?
    Please let me know your opinion.

    1. @Ratna, Welcome to Startup Desi. Thanks for your comments.

      Starting your own business and doing an MBA are two different things. They have a lot in common, but it is not necessary to have an MBA to start. That said, an MBA from a good school adds a lot of perspective and skills to you. You will get to spend two years with some of the smartest people and get time to test various ideas and play. Also, MBA helps in getting a better starting salary and gives you financial cushion to take risks.

  3. Dear Chandoo,

    I find your blog and your entrepreneurial journey inspiring even after being self employed for last 18 years in the field of Banking computerisation. The smarter ways that you are adopting have given me new insights.

    I would be thankful if you provide me some tips in fields like designing of an on line portal (like yours), effective business model, payment channel etc.

    Ashish Kolarkar

  4. Hi Chandoo,
    I have done MBA IT and i wanna start something of my own, but im so confused as to how to go about it. I have the zeal, but then when i wanna pen down my ideas i fall short of them.
    What would you suggest?

  5. Hi Chandoo,

    Nice post. Congratulations on completing a successful year of startup desi.

    Can you send me the source link of the embedded video of 37 signals please? I was unable to find it.


  6. Such a simple video and it explained lot of my queries in simple way.
    I am looking for these kinds of answers for a long time and am good to go for my own.

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