How to win back lost customers – example from Cleartrip

With this post, I am going to start a series called There is Awesome Everywhere. In this I will share examples of kick-ass marketing, simple but effective sales ideas and inspiration with you.

First thing is an email offer I received from Cleartrip is like kayak or orbitz for Indian flight, train and hotel reservations.

Today morning I have spent 20 minutes looking for trains so that my in-laws could attend a wedding this weekend. Even after finding a train, we couldnt book tickets due to excessive server load at cleartrip.

So I closed the window and resumed my work.

20 minutes later, I get an email from cleartrip folks with this message.

See how elegant, simple and effective this is. They have offered me Rs. 50 money back if I book a ticket in the next 2 days. They knew I have bailed at 2nd step of check out process. They knew that I am a reliable, repeat customer (booked so many tickets with them in last few years).

How can we put this idea in to practice?

Here are few practical ways for small businesses to put this in to practice:

  • Find all the people whose last comment at your site is 6 months ago. Invite them to a special one time bonus page for further engagement.
  • Use cookies to keep track of prospects who leave mid-way thru checkout. During their next visit, offer a personalized bonus or invite them for a webinar / demo.

What do you think?

Do you find this technique useful or awful. Please share using comments.

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