Why I run my company from our Bedroom?

When I wanted to start I faced a difficult choice – should I rent a office or work from our home?

I am not a pro and con guy, I do not list down pluses and minuses of choices on a notepad before choosing one. I am more of a “discuss and develop opinions guy”. So I talked with my wife and few people I know.

It became clear that working from home is a winner for the time being. Let me rationalize my choice,

No rent

Working from home means I have to pay no additional rent. We just cleaned up a corner in the master bedroom and put the computer table, surge protector and a chair there and bingo, my workspace is ready.

More time with family

Since we have babies at home (our twins are just 10 months old now), it became important that I give more time to family. So naturally working from home made it easy. I can just turn off the monitor whenever kids need me.

No lonely feelings

Since my company is a one man company, if I worked in an office, I would have felt lonely at times. While I am not a great social person, I would love to have people around me so that I can share what I am thinking and get immediate feedback. So, working from home seemed good choice until I hire people.

No time wasted

My work involves consulting, writing, thinking, reading, connecting, marketing, launching and sharing. Now, most of this happens on sporadic basis – ie I get a lot of work on one day and no work on another. The creative parts of my work require that I am in a good mood to pull them off. If I feel down or lazy, I just postpone what I am doing as giving my best to what I do is very important. This is where working in an office would have failed me. Because I work in chunks, I would end up with loads of free time in between tasks.When working from home, I could just turn off my comp when I have no work and play with kids or help my wife or run some chores.

So, is working from home all rainbows and butterflies?

Of course, working from home is not all hunky dory. I do find some problems in working from home.

It is difficult to focus for longer durations:

Sometimes, when a client is in emergency or when I need to develop an idea further, I need hours of time. I am finding difficult to get more than 2-3 hours at a time, thanks to kids who need our attention constantly. But thankfully, I found a simple solution for this. I wake up early (4am or so) and work 3-4 hours at a stretch.


Sometimes I become too lazy, thanks to temptations at home. Mostly I find myself indulging in naps, playing, reading magazines or watching tv. Most of these could be avoided had I worked in an office.

But overall, I am happy that I am working from our bedroom.

What about you?

Where do you work from? What kind of good things you find in that work environment? Please share using comments.

11 thoughts on “Why I run my company from our Bedroom?”

  1. eeroje pagalguy lo mee gurinchi raasina article chadivaanu…. few months back “All I wanted to ….” book lo 1st article mee story ne undi kada, andukani adi kuda complete ga chadivaanu… em anukokapote oka chinna suggestion… pratisari naaku “chandoo” anagaane gurthu vachedi ide…. “veedevado kaani tana life lo jarige prati okka vishayaanni public chestunnadu(bommarillu lo genelia la)….atleast konni professional secrets anna secrets gaane pettukovachchu kada…” ani. Of course, adi mee decision kaani, edo jus chepdam anipinchindi(esp ee site lo complete ga meeru business start chesinappatinuchi face chesina vishayaalu chepparu kabatti)…. inko vishayam entante, mee articles lo akkada akkada chaalaane errors kanipistaayi..of course chinnave kaani…avi kuda lekunda unte, mee articles ni ekkuva mandi ishtapadataaru….
    N by the way, its not tat am not gud at english. Jus wanted to give a local touch, hence chose to write my comment in telugu. Am not having any personal laptop as such.N am staying single in bangalore(working in Infy since jus an year n ya, appearing for CAT on 19th(1st attempt))(Oh, now am giving away a lot of “personal” info)…So I would not be able to check my mail atleast till a week(to see if u respond tat is ;-))… I would love to stay in touch with someone like u.. now the ball is ur court(to decide whether to stay in touch with me or not)… Anyways no offence meant(in the suggestions above)…Jus ignore those if u feel they r worthless

    1. in which language the above comment was ?? i cant read it but i m getting it that its about u and pagalguy ,,, can i please get english translation of it ?? i would be so thankful to u.. wouls be waiting for ur email… and sir one more thing.. how much there websites charges for advertisements ?? and on what basis ??

    2. He is saying,

      “I read about you today on Palgalguy.com. I read a previous article by you few months ago. I have a small suggestion for you, pls. do not mind. Whenever I think of you, all I can think is ‘this guy cannot keep any secrets. his whole life is online for others to see’. Of course it is your decision. Also, I find some errors in your articles. If you correct them, they will be even more enjoyable.”

      Rest in English.

    3. @Ranjith.. Welcome and thanks for your comments.

      I would love to share whatever I learn. That is my philosophy. Also, I believe that we put too much premium on privacy and drawing circles around us where opening up and sharing are far better alternatives.

      I would love to know what kind of mistakes are you referring to? Are these grammatical, factual or something else?

  2. Chandoo,

    read about you in pagalguy in the afternoon and here i am.
    ur appraoch towards competition is very novel.
    r u on facebook?

    All the best.

    ~ Harish

  3. Dear Mr. Chandoo,
    It’s been great to see the knowledge house you are. Moreover you are sharing the tweaks and tricks of MS Excel with the whole world.

    Me too is a great follower of MS Excel. and presently I am using it for all analysis of our retail f & b business with connecting SQL server database to Excel, So as to achieve real time reports in excel to share with management.

    The way You are putting the things in right perspective is awesome.

    there is one thing common in us we both want to “make people awesome in MS-Excel”.

    So keep up the great work.

    Brij Arora

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