When a Refund Customer loves you, you know you have done well

Refunds are an important part of running online business. But how do you handle refund requests?

Here is the process we use at chandoo.org,

  • All products come with 30 day no-questions asked refund policy.
  • When a customer asks for a refund, I issue it as soon as possible.
  • For customers requesting refund due to specific reason, I try to do a follow-up by asking them how I can help.
  • When in doubt, I go by the principle “It is better to have a happy prospect than an unhappy customer”.

Today I want to share with you a recent email I received from Marilyn.

Marilyn bought my Project Management Excel Templates and she could not use them as she is an excel beginner. Pasted below is a screenshot of the email exchange. Read it from bottom-up.

How do you handle refunds?

What process do you use to handle refunds? How do you wow your customers / prospects with your refund policy. What awesome examples you have seen in this area? Please share using comments.

2 thoughts on “When a Refund Customer loves you, you know you have done well”

  1. Dear Chandoo,

    Congratulations for transparency of this nature. It will go long way in keeping your customers hooked on to you.

    I could recall from my experience of one incident. A project with a Co-operative Bank could not pick up due to some delay from our side (due to some unavoidable reason). The General Manager was angry and asked us either to complete the work in a short span or stop the work. Looking to unrealistic expectation we chose to stop the work. Not before thanking the General Manager for giving us the opportunity and admitting our mistake.

    When the same man got shifted to another Bank, he remembered us for our straightwardness and gave the work of his bank. We succeded and fulfilled his expectations. The work is still with us. Transparency always pays.

  2. Chandoo

    Thats great . I really love your point ” “It is better to have a happy prospect than an unhappy customer”. We at jagoinvestor also make sure that each prospect is made aware of his rights as customer and what he can expect to get . Incase some one does not sound too interested , we accept it and invite him to re-visit his decisions . We also invite him to learn more and more from our blog and educate himself .

    Most of them are happy to leave with a good taste overall . I am sure these are seeds which we sow currently which will bear the fruits later .


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