The easiest way to start your own company – start a blog!

Every once in a while, I get an email from someone who wants to make a living without working for the man. The emails go something like this,

I like doing x. In my free time I help my colleagues / friends become better at x. How can I become like you and start my own venture?

So, today I want to address the burning question all the 3 readers of this blog have. How to plant seeds for your company?

Simple. Start a blog.

I do not mean “start a blog” as in “start a blog to get rich quick”. I think starting a blog can be a very effective and low cost way to understand your target market and test your products. Here are my top 5 reasons,

  1. Blogs help you solve real problems of real people (in other words, customers)
  2. Blogs help you test your product ideas without huge launch or testing expenses
  3. Blogs help you keep your passion alive and kicking while you are stuck in the cubicle
  4. Blogs help you meet competition, understand their technique and collaborate better
  5. Blogs help you communicate better with your prospects, customers and investors

Of course, not any blog would do. You have to start a blog in the area where you eventually want to set up your venture. Writing about anything and everything is not good. Instead select a niche or narrowly defined area and use your blog to communicate with people having needs in that area.

For eg. if you want to do financial planning for living, you can write about money matters in a blog. But that will not be so helpful. Instead if you narrow down your scope to a specific set of people or a type of financial planning your chances of meeting real customers goes up. So, instead of you blog about “financial planning for call center employees” or “financial planning for child education” you will have clear focus.

Go ahead, plant that seed now. Go!

Resources for starting a blog and writing:

  • Problogger – for all things blogging. Darren Rowse writes about blogging, blog platforms, techniques etc. Add to your daily reading list to get inspiration and ideas.
  • Copy Blogger – contains helpful articles on how to write and how to sell.
  •, – To start your own free blog and to host a blog on your servers

7 thoughts on “The easiest way to start your own company – start a blog!”

  1. Hi chandoo,
    Thanks for the nice article. I am in the confussion of whether do I strat website or blog?
    How much it costs min(Rs/- in monthly/yearly) to start a blog in my own domain name in –
    and does it required Technical skill to open my own blog in wordpress?

    1. If you already have a domain & hosting, adding a blog to it should cost nothing (provided your host can run PHP and MySQL). Otherwise, you need to sign up for a web host which usually costs about 5$ per month.

  2. Hi Chandoo,

    i read about your blog in a telugu news paper. I did not felt it is so informative, so cool start from Excel to Excellence in business. i believe deraming is important but implementing is more crucial for any achievement.

    Keep up your good work. I may partner with you when I start my own SME… if you permit 🙂

    All the best… great going.

  3. Hi Chandoo

    I have joined your excel blog as well as this blog through feed reader. Thanks so much for posting valuable tips. I will be very keen to learn more for you in the times to come.

    Thanks again.


  4. Dear Chandoo,
    Would you please guide me on how to prepare the products online, what is required to make a product online as you have done for your excell.

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