Startup Mistakes

Once you decide to run an online business, you will most likely end up provide some sort of software or product to your customers. Eventually, you will ask the dreaded question, How do I protect my IP? What if one of my customers steal our work and start re-selling or upload it somewhere for free?!? […]


By now, anyone and their grand-mother in Startup circles has heard it, Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 Billion (on TechCrunch) Instawhat?!? Instagram is an iPhone (and Andriod) application and is primarily used to apply cool, retro style filters to your photos and share it with your followers everywhere. Here is a recent pic my daughter […]


Many startup owners fall in to this trap. Recently I too have been penny wise & pound foolish and lost more than $1000. Today I want to share the story with you. [source: XKCD] Background: Recently, our main business website ( had to be migrated to a new web server, to cope-up with all the […]


During February, I have set myself a goal of understanding how Google Adwords work by testing them for a few products I sell. I have allocated a budget of $100 for this purpose and set out to create my first ever campaign in Google Adwords. This article tells you the story of how my experiment […]


Many startup owners suffer from one disease called as pretending to work. I am no exception. When I started out, life was very very smooth. I suddenly found lots of free time, which I was using to play with my kids & wife, go on drives, read books and workout. But with in a span […]


Every website owner worries about page views. I am no exception. I used to check my website statistics almost every few hours. I think seeing fresh and constant flow of visitors to my website(s) stoked my ego. But today I want to tell you why worrying about page views (or visitors) is a waste of […]


With this post, I am starting a new category on Startup desi, titled Mistakes I make. When I know where I am messing up, the chances of repeating those mistakes will go down. The mistake I am making now: working on too many things. Most startup owners work hard. I am no exception to that. […]