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Let me start by wishing you all a very prosperous, happy, healthy and fun 2015.  I hope this year will be the most successful year your life yet. 2014 has been the most successful, fun & interesting year since starting my business. Let me share the journey and set direction for next year in this post. […]


For all the readers of Startupdesi and my brothers & sisters in startup community, I wish a very happy new year 2014. I hope this year will be the most successful year your life yet. 2013 has been the busiest, most awesome year in my life. In this post, I want to share our company’s […]


I am sorry I haven’t posted here in a while. But here is a quick update. During last few months, I have been interviewed by 2 excellent websites that inspire budding entrepreneurs like us. These are video interviews where I share my story, things I have learned and few ideas for new startups. Watch them […]


Let me start by saying a very happy new year to you. I know I have been ignoring Startupdesi for a while now, but it does not mean I am ignoring my company. Quite the opposite instead, as I was busy for most of 2012 growing and taking good care of it. May be […]


It has been 2 years since I quit my job to embark on exciting journey of my own venture. It has been one heck of a journey. Look at these numbers to get an idea on the amount of change in this two years, So how did we survive the initial years? In this post, […]


One of the turning points in my startup life is the time I spent in Sweden / Denmark. I was employed with TCS (TATA Consultancy Services) in 2009, when they sent me Sweden (and eventually to Denmark) to help a large insurance company in their IT program. While I was in the beautiful town of […]


First, I wish a very happy & prosperous New Year to all our readers. Time to understand how we fared in last year (2011) and set our annual goals for 2012. Goals for 2011 Lets take a look my startup goals for 2011 & see how I did. Generate $200,000 in revenues: Thanks to so […]


I know this might sound like bragging, but I want to share a good news with you. My little startup –, has reached another milestone in May 2011. We have recorded sales of $100,718 in May 2011 alone! In this post, I want to share the revenue break-up and how I reached this milestone. […]


Recently, someone asked me this question in an interview, Q) What is your market differentiator? During my MBA days, we had all sorts of fancy, meaningless answers for this type of questions. I could take any number of jargon words like market penetration, excellent quality, strategic tie-ups etc. and mix-and-match them to spew an equally […]


Refunds are an important part of running online business. But how do you handle refund requests? Here is the process we use at, All products come with 30 day no-questions asked refund policy. When a customer asks for a refund, I issue it as soon as possible. For customers requesting refund due to specific […]


As mentioned earlier, I needed an extra hand to help me with some of the customer support & website maintenance work. My first reaction was to take help from friends. But very few of my friends are familiar with the kind of systems I use, plus they were busy with married life, work etc. So […]