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Back in school, you must have learned about litmus test. A simple test to determine if a liquid is acid or base. When dipped in the liquid, blue litmus paper would turn red if the liquid is acidic (and vice-a-versa if the liquid is basic). Today I want to share a similar test to see […]


One of the turning points in my startup life is the time I spent in Sweden / Denmark. I was employed with TCS (TATA Consultancy Services) in 2009, when they sent me Sweden (and eventually to Denmark) to help a large insurance company in their IT program. While I was in the beautiful town of […]


Sorry for staying away from Startup Desi for long. As you can guess, I am busy – with a product launch. Today, we have launched a new training program, called as VBA Classes to teach VBA to Excel beginners & intermediate level users. I will be back on Wednesday with a juicy post on running […]

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There is an interesting discussion going on at Unicorn Free. In the article, Don’t follow your passion, Amy says, So. You’re in love with a thing. Let’s say it’s coffee, books, design, code or solving interesting problems. You decide to open up a café to follow your passion for coffee. Or a used book shop, […]


Many startups go thru this, Once they start something and launch a few products, they will get offers to provide some consulting service (for eg. customization of their product, development of a similar product for diff. uses etc.). Now what should the startup do? Should they dilute the energy in to consulting work? Or should […]


Many people who dream of starting their own companies (including me) go thru the illusion, My idea need to be unique, world changing and Google / Facebook / Apple big!!! Otherwise, it is worthless to start. While, ambition is a good thing to have, I think we should mix it with ample doses of reality. […]


One of the big fears when you want to start a company is that, “What if Google / Microsoft / < your favorite big company > implements same idea, but better?” Well, the sad news is that there is nothing that you can do about company X implementing your idea better. But there is good […]


Here is an age old wisdom that can break your back when you are starting. We always hear this “Customer is king” Well, I want to  break that notion. First lets understand what king means. In my view, King has attention and respect of you at his beck and call King can get things done, […]


Every once in a while, I get an email from someone who wants to make a living without working for the man. The emails go something like this, I like doing x. In my free time I help my colleagues / friends become better at x. How can I become like you and start my […]